Expert Guidance

  • Want to join the food movement but don't know where to start? Help your organization learn more. Find out where along the food chain your resources can have the greatest impact. 

Strategic Planning and Project Design

Develop program specific, short- and long-term plans focused on mission and program alignment to help your organization:

  1. Increase Efficiency
  2. Expand Capacity
  3. Maximize Impact

Seed Change. 

Mission and Program Alignment

  • Effective change strategies must start with the heart. Help your organization authentically demonstrate its core values through its programming and funding.
  • Help your organization and Board better understand the direct relationship between a community's food system and human health, social justice, poverty reduction, leadership, entrepreneurship, and healthy soil, air, and water. 

Policy and Advocacy 

  • Local, state, federal, and Tribal food and agriculture policies and regulations directly impact the work of your organization - learn how.
  • Develop advocacy strategies to advance your mission and the work of the organizations you support. 

Food Driven Strategies


​​Collaborative Governance

  • Identify and develop opportunities to leverage your organization's human and financial resources. 
  • Identify and connect your organization to strategic partners with shared goals and diverse assets, including: philanthropy; non-profits; for profits; local, state, and federal agencies; Tribal governments; and grassroots organizations. 

Community Outreach and Engagement Liaison

  • Identify and connect leaders representative of the communities they serve to scale out projects. 
  • Create culturally appropriate information and technical guidance to help communities become food self-sufficient.